Comprehensive management solution based on Zoom for online teaching
For schools, study abroad centers or work abroad centers and enterprises
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For private school or public school, we have a comprehensive solution for online and offline teaching management

Study/Work abroad centers

For the study/work abroad centers, our solution enables administration to manage students from beginning of their journey until they successfully go abroad


For enterprise employee training, our solution helps companies to track employee’s progress on learning for the job

“Unitz provides a comprehensive teaching and learning management solution based on Zoom that helps solving 4 basic needs: video conferencing, cloud storage, classroom interface and management ” - Hoang Pham, CEO Unitz

Outstanding Features


Video conferencing solution based on Zoom

Don’t need to learn a new tool for online teaching. Our video conferencing solution is integrated with Zoom to maximise camera and audio quality during the online lesson.


Modern classroom interface

Teachers and students share the same modern classroom interface for online teaching and learning. Students can preview lessons in advance or review previous lessons and during the lesson, teachers and students can interact on the shared documents in real time.


Course management and cloud storage

School admins can manage their entire course catalogue, program catalogue, create and upload all documents, materials and exercises using a simple interface for all the lessons. School admins and teachers can upload unlimited documents and materials in multiple formats such as: pdf, pptx, doc, docx, png, jpg, jpeg, mp3, mp4 or even links to online video contents such as YouTube and other websites as materials.


Safe and secure access control

Forget about sharing Zoom or Google Meet link to different groups for teachers and students on Facebook or Whatsapp, Zalo. Unitz provides a beautiful calendar interface for accessing to every single individual lessons within the course for both teachers and students. School admins can also check multiple courses calendar or multiple teachers calendar.


Built-in Chat system for teachers and students

Unitz provides a chat room out of the box for teachers and students to communicate before, during and after the lesson. The chat room can be used as a document sharing interface or communication during the class. Teachers can assign tasks and send documents while students can submit exercises and write text messages to teachers or other students.


Simple and clear reports generated automatically

School admins can quickly see reports for programs, courses, teachers and students. Unitz provides attendance reports automatically for teachers and students and evaluation reports for students for every courses that they take.


Overview dashboard for school admins

School admins can quickly see all activities happening within the system, know how many courses are ongoing, upcoming or finished, know how many programs are ongoing, upcoming or finished.


Automatic online attendance & manual offline attendance supported

Forget about using class book, Unitz provides an interface for offline attendance. Teachers can simply check or uncheck absence/presence statuses for students during the offline lesson.

Teachers and students can still use the modern classroom interface to view documents or collaborate on documents if necessary.

See how our teaching and learning management solution can help your school, study/work abroad centers, language centers or enterprise training and significantly improve the process.

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